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Mighty Networks Review (2024): 3 Ideas How to Make Money

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Victoria Kurichenko

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June 01, 2023

Do you know that unexpected thrill when discovering a hidden oasis in a vast desert? That surge of excitement when you realize you’ve uncovered more than just an oasis, but a foundation equipped with tools to build vibrant communities? 

That’s the exhilaration I experienced when I stumbled upon Mighty Networks – my very own digital oasis, teeming with potential and opportunities for creators and entrepreneurs alike.

Navigating the digital landscape often feels like maneuvering through an intricate maze, with countless tools and platforms promising to revolutionize our work. 

Mighty Networks offers not just a revolution but a bounty of resources – all perfectly engineered to streamline work, inspire creativity, and foster thriving communities and culture.

As I delved into its various features to create this Mighty Networks review, excitement bubbled within me. It was like unveiling a multi-tool gadget, each function revealing a fresh possibility. 

Whether you want to craft engaging online communities, launch interactive courses, or host virtual events, Mighty Networks caters to an array of needs.

By the end of my exploration, I felt more like a recharged explorer than a worn-out traveler, primed and ready to chart new territories in my professional journey.

So, are you ready to join me on this expedition? Let’s see this honest review of Mighty Networks, investigating every platform feature. It’s an adventure bursting with insights and discoveries. So, strap in, and let’s go exploring.

Here is the table of contents for your convenience:

What is Mighty Networks?

what is mighty networks

Founded in 2017, Mighty Networks is a haven for creators and entrepreneurs. It combines courses, memberships, and offers under a personal brand, fostering a community that fuels rapid growth.

At this point, it may seem as though I’m describing pretty much every social media and content creation tool under the sun – but after creating this Mighty Networks review, I realized it is more than a content creation tool.

Mighty Networks is a distinctive ecosystem integrating your blogs, courses, and masterclasses. Each element creates a cycle of engagement and growth that outshines regular social media platforms.

Built on the principle that community is crucial to online courses and offers, Mighty Networks leverages experience from scaling social platforms. They’ve developed software and resources to deliver impressive results quickly and easily.

With Mighty Networks, you’re curating an experience, not just a branded platform. You’re creating a dynamic digital ecosystem centered around audience interests, boosted by community interaction.

User-friendly and accessible to all, Mighty Networks makes hosting discussions, designing courses, and creating activities simple. Various pricing plans, including a free option and assistance with domain setup, further enhance its accessibility.

Thanks to its minimalist design, Mighty Networks guarantees a mobile-responsive, easy-to-navigate environment for users.

Mighty Networks features

In this section, I will dive deep into the Mighty Networks features.

I’ll navigate the myriad tools and functionalities that this platform offers – from community building and content creation to brand customization and mobile responsiveness.

To ensure you get the most out of this platform, I’ll also cover how to use Mighty Networks from the moment you sign up.

Whether you’re a creator aiming to engage your audience in meaningful ways, or an entrepreneur seeking a comprehensive platform for your courses and memberships, Mighty Networks has a wealth of offerings to cater to your needs.

So, let’s unravel the many layers of this digital multi-tool and use this Mighty Networks review to discover how it can help you shape and nurture your own thriving community. Let’s dive into the world of Mighty Networks.

Getting started with Mighty Networks

Start by visiting the sign-up page. Here, you’re greeted with the opportunity to start crafting your unique community. 

Begin by choosing a name that encapsulates your community’s essence. Mighty Networks uses ChatGPT to generate relevant descriptions based on your chosen name. 

I opted for “Digital Nomads” and found automated descriptions instantly conjured up.

How to get started with Mighty Networks.

Next up, you’re presented with catchy title suggestions for your community. Don’t worry if none of them tickle your fancy – you have the freedom to craft your own unique title. 

In this case, I used “Nomad Nexus.”

mighty networks community
Creating a title for a community on Mighty Networks.

The surprises don’t end there. 

Mighty Networks then dives into the vast ocean of the royalty-free image site, Pexels, to fish out a suitable image for your community. It even presents a mockup of your page with the chosen image.

Mighty Networks integration with Pexels
Mighty Networks integration with Pexels.

The initial selection may not always align with your vision – in my case, a woman hunched over a laptop looking very stressed out, not exactly the bright, cheery image of remote work I had in mind. 

But with a quick regeneration, you can land on an image that truly resonates with your community’s vibe.

Once you’ve dressed up your community, it’s time to set up your account. Enter a username and password, or simply opt for a Single Sign-On (SSO) login using Google, Facebook, Apple, or LinkedIn.

How to set up account on Mighty Networks.
How to set up account on Mighty Networks.

And there you have it – your dashboard, your control center. Here you can personalize your profile and add profile photos and personal information. 

It might seem a bit barren at first, but it’s a blank canvas waiting for you to start painting your content, crafting your community, and nurturing engagement. 

Let me share what else you can do and achieve in this Mighty Networks review.

Mighty Networks dashboard.

Navigating the platform

Diving into the Mighty Networks dashboard and community page is akin to slipping into a well-loved pair of shoes. If you’re no stranger to platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you’ll find the layout comfortably familiar and easy to navigate.

Running along the left side of your screen, you’ll spot the navigation menu – your compass to various corners of your community. Perched at the top of the page are your profile settings and the search bar, positioned for easy access and convenience. It’s all as straightforward as it sounds.

Upon landing on the page, your feed is the first thing you’ll encounter, pulsating with the life of your community. Within sight is a prominent button inviting you to create your first piece of content, your first step towards sparking engagement.

Creating content on Mighty Networks.

Something that might catch your eye is the two pre-made “spaces” that appear as if by magic – “Welcome” and “Community.” Each space is nested under a “collection.”

At first glance, the welcome page may seem sparse, populated only with automatically generated content. But it’s far from a rigid template. 

Upon my initial encounter with the editing interface, I must admit, I found its flexibility wanting. However, its intuitive design quickly won me over. Within mere minutes, I was smooth sailing, and with just a click of the ‘edit’ button, I found myself having a blast jazzing it up, infusing it with a personal touch and a dash of flair.

Creating content

In the process of testing the tool and writing this Mighty Networks review, I realized that crafting your initial content involves comprehending the platform’s delivery mechanisms. You begin by creating posts and then allocating them to “spaces” nested under “collections” (we’ll delve deeper into this concept later). 

For now, I created a post and published it within the default “community.” The options for content creation are diverse: “Go Live,” “Quick Post,” Articles, Polls, and Events are all at your disposal.

In my case, I decided to craft a poll. And, just like that, my poll was live and visible on my feed, poised for member interaction.

Creating poll on Mighty Networks.

Creating collections

Collections act as the overarching umbrellas under which spaces find their home on Mighty Networks. Every space you create becomes part of a collection, offering an intuitive way to categorize and organize diverse spaces and applications. 

It’s like having distinct neighborhoods in our digital oasis, each catering to different interests and activities.

Adding an intriguing layer of community engagement, collections can also play host to member-created spaces, with oversight provided by designated moderators and admins. This offers members the opportunity to contribute to the community in a meaningful way, creating their own unique corners within the oasis.

Mighty Networks collections
How to create Mighty Networks collections.

Once your Mighty Networks collection comes into existence, it can be expanded and collapsed at will, helping you streamline your dashboard for maximum efficiency. It’s as simple as opening or closing the door to a neighborhood, giving you control over the landscape of your community.

The process of creating a collection is delightfully straightforward. 

With a click on “Create a Collection,” you can christen your new collection and provide a catchy description.

Creating spaces

Embarking on the creation of a new space, you’re presented with a choice: nest it under an existing collection or create a new one. For this Mighty Networks review, I opted for the former, choosing to place the space under the existing collection.

Spaces on Mighty Networks are dynamic; they can be pages, events, chats, resources, or even Mighty Networks course creation

Despite the editing flexibility being somewhat limited, there’s no shortage of remarkable creations you can bring to life.

How to create Mighty Networks spaces.

To illustrate, I was able to whip up a chat page in a matter of seconds. I set access and moderation control, established payment options, and voila, my post was up and running, ready to facilitate conversations.

How to chat via Mighty Networks.

Image and branding

In your Mighty Networks community, the essence of your brand comes alive through the network settings. These settings offer the canvas to create a truly bespoke experience that reflects your vision and resonates with your members.

Crafting a unique domain name through the network settings helps to elevate your brand and improves its discoverability – a professional touch that amplifies your brand’s presence and boosts recognition.

For this review about Mighty Networks, I’ve picked a custom domain reflecting my brand —

Custom domain on Mighty Networks.
How to create a custom domain on Mighty Networks.

Your brand’s persona is further enhanced by customizing the logos, profile pictures, and background images. These elements add depth and texture to your brand identity, creating an aesthetic that is both visually consistent and irresistibly appealing.

The power of a compelling narrative cannot be understated. By crafting an engaging description, you can encapsulate your brand’s ethos, attracting individuals who resonate with your message and values.

The network settings also provide a platform for monetization management. 

Here, you can define membership tiers with varying benefits and access levels, paving the way for a sustainable revenue model that grows with your community.

Membership tiers on Mighty Networks.

Equipped with Mighty Insights, the integrated analytics tool, you’ll gain access to invaluable data on engagement and growth. 

This tool will become your compass, steering your content creation and community management strategies in the right direction.

Safety and exclusivity are key aspects of any thriving community. Privacy settings allow you to strike the right balance by controlling community access. Whether you opt for a public, private, or paid subscription model, the power to sculpt your community’s accessibility is in your hands.

The cherry on top? 

A preview feature that lets you fine-tune your branding and imagery before you unveil your community to the world. 

This ensures that your community makes a memorable first impression, enticing potential members and setting the stage for a thriving, vibrant Mighty Network.

Mighty Networks preview feature
How to preview a community page on Mighty Networks.

How to make money with Mighty Networks

Turning your passion into profit is the dream, right? Well, with Mighty Networks, it’s more than just a dream – it’s a very achievable reality. 

Here’s how you can monetize your Network, offset the Mighty Networks costs, and transform your knowledge into a sustainable source of income.

Learn more from those who’ve created their success stories later in this Mighty Networks review.

1. Membership subscriptions

Embrace the power of Mighty Networks by cultivating a vibrant, value-rich membership community. Set the stage for a subscription-based model where exclusivity and benefits become the core of your offering. 

This could encompass priority access to fresh content, members-only courses, or intimate engagement opportunities with you as the creator. 

The best part? You’re the maestro of your pricing strategy, enabling you to establish rates that truly mirror the unparalleled value your community delivers.

Suppose you are an SEO expert like myself. You can organize exclusive memberships for your followers, share your first-hand experience, answer their burning questions, and help them grow their businesses. 

This way, they’ll get an opportunity to consult with an expert while you’ll maintain a stable income source monthly.

2. Sell online courses

If you’re an expert in a certain field or have a unique skill, why not share it with others and earn income in the process? 

With Mighty Networks course creation, you can create and sell online courses right within your network. You can actually decide whether to offer these as one-time or ongoing purchases.

I’ve found numerous Mighty Networks reviews on Trustpilot from content creators selling their courses and managing their businesses through this platform. 

Here is one review that particularly stood out for me. 

Mighty Networks user review
User review on Mighty Networks Pro.

3. Organize special events

Capitalize on the dynamic potential of your network by orchestrating premium events. Be it an insightful webinar, an interactive live Q&A, or an immersive digital workshop, these unique experiences carry an admission ticket. 

This not only orchestrates a steady stream of revenue but also nurtures a sense of camaraderie and active participation within your member base.

Remember, providing genuine value to your members is the most important thing. After all, a happy and engaged community is the cornerstone of a successful and profitable Mighty Network.

Mighty Networks pricing

Mighty Networks pricing
Mighty Networks pricing.

So, how much does Mighty Networks cost? Let’s delve into the Mighty Networks pricing options. 

You can choose from three main plans: Free (limited trial), Community, and Business.

Mighty Networks Free plan: As its name suggests, it doesn’t cost anything. It’s a good place to start if you want to explore the platform and get familiar with its features before committing to a purchase. It’s limited in terms of time and the features it offers, but it can still give you a good sense of what Mighty Networks is all about.

The Community plan: This costs $39 per month, or $33 if you pay annually. This plan comes with an upgrade of almost all features compared to the Free plan. Notably, it gives you the ability to charge for memberships and offers your own domain, as well as unlimited moderators. This is a solid choice if you want to take your community to the next level.

Mighty Pro plan: Priced at $119 per month or $99 when paid annually. This is the most comprehensive plan and includes over 2,000+ Zapier and Mighty Networks integrations, which can be especially handy when you’re running things on your own. The Mighty Pro Plan also provides premium analytics typically locked away on the other plans.


What is Mighty Networks good for?

Mighty Networks is an excellent platform for creators, educators, entrepreneurs, and brands looking to build and manage online communities, sell online courses, and provide subscription services. 

When writing this Mighty Networks review, I realized it’s particularly beneficial for those who want to centralize their community and content under their brand. 

The platform emphasizes the power of community and interactive learning, offering tools that make creating and managing courses, communities, and subscription services straightforward. 

It also offers unique features like the ability to launch dynamic websites and charge for access to resources, contributing to an engaging and interactive learning environment.

How to sell online courses through Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks course creation and selling are straightforward and intuitive. Start by crafting your course, incorporating a diverse blend of materials such as text, visuals, videos, and quizzes. 

Once your course content is neatly structured, set a price and share it with your network. Unique to Mighty Networks is the capability to bundle access to a community with your course through memberships. 

From there, you can oversee your students, track their progress, and engage with them directly on the platform.

Remember, Mighty Networks only imposes a transaction fee of 3% for the Community plans or 2% if you are a Mighty Pro user, letting you retain most of the revenue from your course sales. 

Please, note that course creation is only available under the Mighty Pro or the Business Plan for $119 a month if you opt for a monthly subscription.

Mighty Networks pricing plans for course creators.
Mighty Networks pricing plans for course creators.

Can you build a website on Mighty Networks?

Yes! You can build a website on Mighty Networks. When you sign up for either the Community or Business Plan, you can set up your domain, and Mighty Networks does most of the setup for you. 

These plans come with domain registration and the ability to launch dynamic websites. The platform is designed to be intuitive, allowing you to create a website that reflects your brand and offers quick access to course material and a clean, spacious design. 

All templates are mobile-responsive, ensuring your content is easily accessible across various devices.

Here is a detailed Mighty Networks review of content features and pricing. You can see that the basic functionality, such as articles and posts publication is available for Community and Business plan users.

Mighty Networks plans for content creators
Mighty Networks for content creators.

How do I know Mighty Networks is for me?

Mighty Networks is for you if you want to build an online community around your brand or expertise, sell online courses, or offer subscription services. It’s designed for individuals and organizations wanting to create a centralized online space for their community, content, and commerce. 

If you value the combination of social interaction and learning and wish to offer your audience a unique, engaging experience, Mighty Networks could be a great fit. You can start with the Mighty Networks free plan to explore the platform before committing to a paid plan. 

However, do keep in mind that there’s a slight learning curve to the platform, but users generally report becoming proficient within about two weeks​.

What are Mighty Networks alternatives?

There are several alternatives to Mighty Networks in the market, each with unique strengths. 

These include platforms like Facebook Groups, Discord, and Slack, which offer community-building features, but lack some of the course and membership features that Mighty Networks provides. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi offer similar features for creating and selling online courses. However, they may not emphasize community-building as much as Mighty Networks. 

Teachable vs. Mighty Networks

Teachable and Mighty Networks are two distinct platforms catering to different needs in the online education space. 

Teachable specializes in providing a user-friendly platform for creating and selling online courses. I wrote a detailed Teachable review to help you learn more about the platform. 

In contrast, Mighty Networks is designed to foster community engagement and collaboration among members with its social networking features.

Podia vs. Mighty Networks

Podia and Mighty Networks are both popular platforms offering different solutions for online communities and course creation. While Podia focuses on providing a comprehensive online course platform, Mighty Networks emphasizes creating engaging and interactive communities for its users.

Thinkific vs. Mighty Networks

Thinkific and Mighty Networks are two prominent platforms that serve diverse purposes in the realm of online learning. Like Podia and Teachable, Thinkific is renowned for its robust course creation and management features. 

Mighty Networks, on the other hand, focuses on building interactive communities and fostering connections among members to enhance the learning experience.

Kajabi vs. Mighty Networks 

Kajabi is widely recognized for its comprehensive all-in-one platform, encompassing course creation, marketing tools, and website building, whereas Mighty Networks is a community-building platform first of all that excels in creating vibrant and engaging communities with its social networking features and content-sharing capabilities.

Choosing the right platform depends on your specific needs, such as the importance of community engagement, the need for integrated course-selling features, and the desire for a unified brand presence.

I have a dedicated creator tools category on my website if you are looking for affordable and proven-to-work solutions for content creators to build, nurture and monetize your audience. 

Have you had any experience with Mighty Networks? If so, share your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

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