Guest Post Policy

Updated on April 9th, 2024.

The Self Made Millennials website accepts guest posts from anyone willing to contribute high-quality content.  

General editorial guidelines: 

  • Your article should have 1,500+ words.
  • Your article should have no spelling or grammar mistakes. You can use Grammarly to proofread your content. 
  • No plagiarism is allowed. Your article won’t be accepted if parts are copied from elsewhere. 
  • Use customized images if possible. The inclusion of video and gif images is allowed. 
  • No promotion of products or services is allowed unless the article is sponsored.  
  • You can include one do-follow backlink in the guest post. 
  • You should provide the meta title (<60 characters) and description (<155 characters) for your article. 
  • The article should have 1-3 external links to trustworthy resources, like Google, Statista, etc.
  • Only natural anchors are allowed in the content.
  • No AI-generated content is allowed! If detected, I won’t accept the article.
  • The article should be original and not published elsewhere. 

The following topics are welcome for guest posting:

Topics related to online marketing, SEO, entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, etc.

Other topics

  • Your experience (positive or negative) with writing side hustles (Medium, Newsbreak, Vocal, Upwork, etc.)
  • Expert in SEO? Share your tips and tricks with the community. 
  • Running a website? Share what you do to grow it and what you’ve already achieved. What business goals does a website help you reach? 

The goal behind these stories is to motivate readers, make them believe in themselves, help them learn new skills, and launch side hustles that will help them live their dream lives. 

The guest post can be published under your name. You can provide your full name and email address to get an author profile on the website.

If you feel your idea for a guest post would be a good fit for the Self Made Millennials blog, send an email to

Please, include a brief description of the article you’d like to write, a title idea, your full name, and a brief description of yourself with links to your website or other relevant pages. 

If your guest post idea is accepted, you’ll be contacted within 10 days. You’ll be given enough time to create a blog post, and an extension is also possible.

Our editorial team reserves the right to edit your post for content and clarity, ask for one round of revision, add/remove some parts of a post if necessary.

As a guest post author, you’ll have an opportunity to review the edited article before publication. We do not publish articles without the guest author’s approval. Note we reserve the right to reject the guest post at any time. 

This guest post policy can be edited at any time without any prior notice. However, the amendment date will always be mentioned at the beginning of this page.