Make Money Writing on Medium in 2022

How to Make Money Writing on Medium Website in 2022

If you want to make money online, let me introduce you to Medium writing.

In this article, I share my review, what I learned after one year of publishing on the Medium website, how I make money on Medium, and how you can do it too. 

This article is an in-depth Medium review for everyone, who wants to start blogging online, develop writing skills and pursue a writing career.

Here is what the article covers:

You might wonder, who am I to tell you if you should write on the Medium website? Let’s get to know each other.

I’ve been actively writing on the Medium website since March 2020.

In 12 months, I published over 125 articles on Medium, earned $5267.4, received Medium $500 bonuses, and gained one client who found me through my Medium stories. 

In a nutshell, blogging on Medium is much more than writing and publishing random articles. The platform helps to reach millions of readers online, earn money, and build a personal brand and a solid business through your writing. 

If you decide to join Medium, I encourage you to become a Medium member and support other creators on the platform. You can get full access to every story on Medium for just $5/month by signing up through this link.

Let’s start with the basics, which will be helpful for those unfamiliar with a Medium website. 

What is

Medium is a US-based company developed by a former CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, and launched in 2012

In short, it is an open platform for writers where anyone can share their ideas with over 170 million readers worldwide. Can you imagine?

170 million readers all over the world come to Medium to read insightful and helpful stories to get inspired, according to the Medium about page. It’s half of Europe or 40 US states. 

The Medium writing platform is a unique, closed environment, with its own rules, a room for creators to thrive, and for readers to learn.

Inside Medium, your unique experience and stories are the only things that matter.

You don’t have to be an experienced writer to get published on Medium, nor should you be a savvy marketer to drive audiences to your stories. Medium will do it on its own.

If you come to Medium, you can solely focus on creating powerful stories people will love to read.

This is what Medium strives to create — a room for ideas to evolve and spread without incentivizing destructive advertising.

Is website relible?

Let’s quickly see how the Medium platform performs as a business and then make ground-based conclusions about its reliability. 

How does Medium make money? And how much?

Medium generates its revenue from user subscriptions that cost $5 a month or $50 a year. With this tiny contribution, the Medium publishing platform pays out over $2 million to its writers every month! That’s incredible!

Here is the official statement made by the platform founder and CEO, Ev Williams:

We pay out over two million dollars per month to writers, editors, and publication owners. With several hundred thousand members today, we are confident in the durability and scalability of the model. And, thus, we are continuing to invest in the long-term vision, for which we have much to do.

From April 2021 to July 2021, Medium rewarded 1000 most active and successful creators with cash bonuses worth $500 as gratitude for the value top writers bring to the platform. 

1000 writers and $500 for every writer makes a $500,000 bonus paid to writers besides the partner program earnings.

It’s half of the USD million, and the platform can afford to do it! 

Medium bonuses

I was rewarded with bonuses four times in a row, in April, May, June, and July 2021.

It was an unexpected but delightful surprise from Medium.

According to the latest Medium stuff announcements, they are rolling out more programs and features for writers soon.

I could not find an official financial statement to share Medium monthly revenue. However, the way they value and support their contributors makes me feel confident in the future of Medium. 

Medium is a dynamic and fast-growing platform with unprecedented growth in 2020. Look at how fast their page views have been growing:

The official announcement from Evan Williams on Medium

Taking into account Medium’s latest stats, updates, and bold future plans, Medium seems to be a reliable platform to partner with.

As a writer, I have not experienced any issues with Medium. In case of any questions, their support team is always responsive and ready to help.

If you are looking for a place to share your ideas and level up your potential, I recommend joining the Medium partner program. Here is what you should know about the Medium partner program for creators. 

How Medium Partner Program works

The Medium partner program was developed to help writers get paid for writing online. 

Medium partner earnings are calculated based on two components:

  1. How much time paid Medium users spend on reading your stories.
  2. How much of their monthly reading time is spent on your stories. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Medium calculates writers’ earnings, they have a detailed article about it. 

You have to do two things to monetize your stories on Medium: (1) join the Medium partner program and (2) put your stories behind the payroll before publishing. 

The Medium partner program is not available for all countries.

You can find the up-to-date list of supporting countries below. If Medium updates its partner program terms, you can find the latest information on this page

Medium Partner Program supported countries

How much does it cost to join the Medium Partner Program?

It’s free. There is no fee or hidden charges to join the Medium partner program. 

You can still get paid for writing on Medium even if you don’t pay a $5 Medium member reading fee.

How do you start making money on Medium writing?

You have to join the Medium Partner Program to receive earnings from your stories.

Money is sent by the 15th of every month through the Stripe payment system. Note that Stripe is not supported in every country! You can check the up-to-date list of supported countries here.

Here is what the Medium partner program registration process looks like:

Medium Partner Program registration page

Once you set up the payouts, Medium will start sending money to your preferred bank account. 

Note that Medium earnings are displayed in USD.

However, if your bank account is in another currency, your payout will be automatically exchanged. For example, I get payouts in EUR. 

Medium partners with Stripe to send payouts to writers. It takes roughly 10 minutes to set up the Stripe account and link it to Medium.

You will have to upload some documents to verify your physical address. But once it’s done, you are officially a part of the Medium partner program.

How to make money writing on Medium

If you wonder whether you can make money on Medium, look at this official data shared by Medium curators regarding writers’ September 2020 earnings:

  • 68.7% of writers or publications who wrote at least one story for members earned money.
  • 6.4% of active writers earned over $100.
  • $49,705.40 was the most earned by a writer, and $16,685.5 was the most earned for a single story.

Impressive, isn’t it? Medium gives a chance to anyone who publishes at least one story to earn money writing.

You can write anything you want and continuously make money, even from your old stories.

In September 2020, the best-performing story earned $16,685. How cool is that?

It seems you can blog on Medium and make more than on a full-time job. This opportunity attracts many new and established writers to the platform, who want to share their voice with millions of readers worldwide and make a living from it. It’s a fascinating part of Medium.  

However, don’t be deluded by these gorgeous numbers.

If you take another look at the numbers above, you may notice that only 6.4% of writers earned over $100 in September 2020. The percentage is very low, unfortunately.

Perhaps, it’s the last monthly writer’s earnings update by the Medium curators’ team. This is why there is no fresh data from 2021.  

As an established Medium writer, I know that Medium writing is challenging and unpredictable.

Some writers report making 4 figures in their first months on Medium. Others, however, barely make $100 per month. 

I’ve been actively blogging since March 2020.

I achieved the following results after my first year on Medium:

  • Published over 125 stories
  • Earned $5267.4 in total by May 2021
  • Made $3000 from a single article as an affiliate
  • Gained 1800 followers 
  • Received $500 bonuses
  • Acquired one writing client who found me on Medium

Am I doing great on Medium? I would say I am an average writer who consistently makes over $300 on Medium and gradually grows my follower base. 

Many new writers ask me how to get paid on Medium and what to expect from the platform. I regularly blog on Medium despite having a full-time job, which is the case for many people.

If you start writing on Medium and keep it consistently, you might get the same or better results.

From my side, I will share everything you need to know to get paid for writing on Medium. 

Medium Referral Program

Medium has introduced its referral program in August 2021.

It’s another way to make additional income on Medium besides payment for views.

Some say Medium introduced its referral program to offer stable and recurring monthly income to its writers because the changes Medium made to its content distribution algorithm adversely impacted writers’ views and earnings.

I have already referred several Medium members and will share my opinion on this below.

First, let me explain how the Medium referral program works.

1. Navigate to Settings > Audience development > Promote membership in your Medium account.

2. Customize your Medium referral page.

You can customize the headline and the body message that Medium users will see on your referral page.

Come up with a compelling copy of why someone should pay $5 monthly to Medium.

Here is what I say on my referral page:

3. Promote your Medium referral link

Here is what my Medium referral link looks like.

Once you are ready with the customization, start promoting Medium membership.

I include a tiny call-to-action at the end of my Medium posts. Readers who find my content useful and want to read more are subtly invited to become Medium members.

Furthermore, I also promote Medium membership through my website.

You can earn this much for every referred member, according to Medium:

Membership price$50$5
Per month for 1 referred member$2.01$2.27
Per month for 100 referred members$201$227

In simple words, you’ll get $2.27 for every referred member with a monthly subscription or $2.01 for a yearly subscription.

Here is how much I’ve made through the Medium referral program as of March 2022 by exclusively promoting it in my content.

$19.91 is recurring earnings from my active referred members. It means that I get this money every month regardless of readership.

How much money do I make on Medium monthly

Medium earnings are unpredictable.

You can make a few cents from your stories today, but one of your stories can suddenly go viral and make you three or even four-digit earnings. 

Many high-performing writers admit that less than 10% of all their articles make the most of their monthly income on Medium. This rule works for me too. 

I joined the club of lucky writers who make above $100 in June 2020, during my third month on Medium. It merely happened because my story about TikTok made over $50 in a single month. 

In my first month on Medium, I published one story in the Better Marketing publication, which made me $7. You say it’s nothing. I agree with you!

However, the same story has made over $18 by July 2021, generated more than 1.3k views, and keeps earning money. 

My first Medium writing story

With the Medium website, you can publish once and continuously make money from your old stories as they are recommended to readers over again. 

Medium might change its business model and the partner program conditions. Until then, writers, like me and you, will continue earning money based on the story reads. 

Now, I make $700+ every month from the Medium Partner Program.

How many stories should you publish monthly to earn money on Medium?

Let me share a myth new writers anxiously believe about Medium.

”I will earn more money on Medium if I publish stories every day.”

Active writers indeed have a higher chance to attract more readers. However, if stories are poorly written and have no value for readers, they won’t get views and earnings. 

I used to publish around 15 stories per month which made me roughly $200.

Now, I make the same amount publishing a few stories per month.

I don’t overwork, I don’t force myself to be a writing machine. Instead, I focus on topics that are close to me and to the readers. 

You can’t predict Medium earnings. Period. 

After some time on the platform, you will be able to say what might or might not work with higher certainty. However, you won’t know how much money a random article will make you. 

You can earn a few cents from a single story or four figures. It depends on many factors. 

Everyone has a unique journey on Medium.

If you want to get paid for writing on Medium, you will have to find your own writing pace, discover topics that interest you and your audience, try, fail, try harder and see what works. 

What’s my top-earning Medium story?

I have many stories that earned me over $100 on Medium. This is my top-earning Medium story as of March 2022.

my top earning Medium article

I believe there are a few reasons why this article earned over $400.

  • Credibility matters. Readers get hooked on what Google might say. That’s why they open and read my post.
  • 74% internal views. I assume the article was recommended through the email. Many readers don’t browse the platform daily. However, they eagerly check their daily digests via email.
  • Distribution is set. My article was distributed in the relevant topics and recommended to readers.

Best performing Medium topics

Many writers blog about random topics on Medium, primarily talking about themselves in the articles.

They don’t realize just yet that most readers care about themselves, but not about someone’s life, family issues, impressions from a trip to Mexico, etc.

People want to know how to solve their own life challenges. If you can help them do it, they will be reading your stories.  

The following are the most popular Medium topics based on my own experience, judgment, and discoveries:

  • Money making culture and tips
  • Wellness
  • Habits
  • Productivity
  • Books
  • Programming

There are exceptions, though. Some writers publish stories about politics and relationships and do well on Medium as well.  

If you have something insightful to share with the world — do! However, don’t forget that your stories are not about you. They are all about your readers! 

Is writing on Medium worth it?

The answer to this question heavily depends on your goals. 

If you aim to develop your writing skills, become a better storyteller, reach millions of people with your message and stay long-term regardless of your first results — yes! Writing on the Medium website is totally worth it. 

Along the way, you will notice that Medium opens up many opportunities and helps establish life-changing connections.

Payouts are great, but they become secondary once you learn the platform rules and utilize them fully. 

If you aim for quick wins, then Medium is not for you.

Remember the statistics I shared earlier in the article?

Over 95% of writers don’t even make $100 on Medium. The majority fails, but a small percentage of writers crush their goals because they are dedicated to making it happen! 

In April 2020, I earned $7.

Exactly one year later, my paycheck was $636.

I haven’t made four figures on the Medium website yet, but I see a positive dynamic. I don’t know what will happen in a year, but I stay optimistic about crushing my Medium writing goals. 

Everyone’s Medium journey is different, but I am here to inspire you, believe in yourself, and give it a try. Who knows, you might be another Medium success story. 


  1. Yalina says:

    Hello, I’m from Mexico , Do you recommend to write the stories on english or write in my own language ?
    And is there a specific number of characters needed for writing?

    1. Victoria Kurichenko says:

      Hello Yalina!

      Thanks for reading my article!
      Medium is an open platform, where anyone can publish anything in any language. However, if you would like to enroll in the Medium Partner Program and earn money writing, you will have to write content in English.
      There is no minimum or a maximum number of characters when it comes to writing on Medium. 5-7 minutes posts tend to perform well for me. They have a higher read ratio. However, you can also experiment with shorter posts.
      I hope my comment is helpful for you!

      All the best,

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for this article Victoria.

    I am getting started with writing on Medium. This article has inspired me to write more and become a better writer who creates:

    – Quality Content
    – Inspiring Content
    – Valuable content

    1. Victoria Kurichenko says:

      Hello Bonnie,

      Thank you for reading my article and I am happy to hear you find it useful!
      Good luck in your writing endeavors on Medium!

  3. Ofrates Siringan says:

    I’m new to the world of blogging, and I’d like to learn more approaches and strategies for writing blog content and publishing more content. Thank you, Victoria, for sharing this information. Any advice you provide us newcomers will be really helpful.

    1. You are welcome, Ofrates Siringan!
      I am happy to help! 🙂

  4. Carol Slinn says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Could you tell me whether content published on Medium can be bundled and republished?

    Thanks and I enjoyed learning more about Medium.


    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for reading my article and for your comment!
      Let me answer your question: You reserve the rights for your Medium content. You can repurpose your content and republish it elsewhere. For instance, I often republish my content on and Quora. 🙂

  5. Dheeraj Patidar says:

    Thanks for sharing the useful information

    1. You are welcome, Dheeraj!

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