Hi, I am Victoria!

Welcome to my website!

I launched Self Made Millennials in July 2021 as a side hustle and a place for my marketing experiments. 

I quickly realized that running a blog opens up many opportunities if I keep working on it. 

Since 2022, this website has been my

  • Personal digital space
  • Professional portfolio
  • SEO success story
  • Several income streams

I achieved it by working on my blog a few hours a week with zero dollars spent on ads.

SEO expert, Medium top writer, and solopreneur

My words helped me reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and get featured in Better Marketing, Start it up, the UX studio blog, and the Shapr3D blog. 

Now, I  help companies create optimized content and attract potential customers through organic search results.

In addition, I help content creators monetize their writing skills.  

Whether you’re new and unsure of where to begin or a seasoned veteran needing to freshen up your skills, Self Made Millennials is a treasure trove of resources to help you make the leap to self-employment.

What about you?

I want to hear your life stories, current challenges, and goals! 

Drop me an email at victoria@selfmademillennials.com.

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