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Koala Writer Review: My Verdict After 10+ Generated Articles

Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

posted on

January 24, 2024

As an SEO writer, I used to create entirely human-written and high-quality content. However, I could only produce a few content pieces per month. I realized I couldn’t keep up with websites relying heavily on AI-content generation tools. 

So, I started using AI tools to speed up my work. 

KoalaWriter AI wasn’t the first tool I’ve used in my career. However, it’s one of the best AI-content generation tools for SEO.

In this KoalaWriter review, I want to assess the accuracy and content quality of the tool. I’ll also share my expert insights on whether you can use Koala AI Writer for SEO.

TL;DR Koala Writer

KoalaWriter AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to support content creators with various writing tasks. This tool utilizes machine learning algorithms to help users generate, edit, and refine text, offering an invaluable resource for writers looking to save time and enhance the quality of their work.

Koala Writer AI’s functionality encompasses various features tailored to different writing needs. It can aid in drafting blog posts, creating marketing copy, or even constructing meaningful fiction narratives.

By analyzing context, structure, and stylistic preferences, the AI aims to assist in producing coherent and engaging content that adheres to the user’s intended tone and purpose.

  • Content writers
  • Freelancers working on content creation
  • Website owners growing their websites
  • Agencies willing to scale up content production

You can use KoalaWriter and KoalaChat for free powered by ChatGPT-3.

Currently, the free trial is limited to 5,000 words and 25 chat messages.

The pricing starts from $9/m for 15,000 words and 250 messages.

Based on my experience, it’s enough to create 4–5 articles up to 2,500 words with custom outlines.

What is Koala AI Writer?

KoalaWriter AI is an automated writing assistant designed to aid users in generating text across various formats. It utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to efficiently comprehend and execute text-based tasks. The platform is engineered for versatility, catering to both personal and professional writing needs.

What is Koala Writer AI

Koala AI key features:

Content Generation: KoalaWriter can produce coherent and contextually appropriate content quickly.

User Interface: Koala has an easy-to-understand and navigate user interface. 

Adaptability: You can customize Koala to suit different writing styles and requirements.

The software provides tools for content optimization, making it a valuable asset for improving the quality of written materials. 

It caters to a broad audience, including content creators, marketers, and students. KoalaWriter AI also boasts an intelligent editing function, enabling users to improve their writing.

Usage scenarios:

  • Blog writing
  • Email composition
  • Social media content
  • Academic papers (be extremely cautious if you use Koala for this purpose).

The AI’s performance is continually enhanced through machine learning algorithms, ensuring the software evolves with user interaction. 

As an SEO writer, I primarily tested tool for SEO writing

If you are looking for an AI tool for content creation to support your content writing efforts, continue reading. In this Koala AI review, I’ll share my experience and insights from using the tool.

Using Koala AI Writer for SEO

KoalaWriter AI is a robust tool for SEO experts aiming to optimize their content for search engines. Its algorithm is designed to understand the nuances of keywords and semantic relevance, integrating them seamlessly into content.

The interface offers real-time SEO suggestions, guiding you on keyword density to avoid overstuffing. Important metrics, such as readability score and content length, are displayed to fine-tune articles to align with SEO best practices.

Before generating an article, Koala AI will ask you to fill out the form, including the article type, your target keyword, the article’s tone of voice, language, and country. 

You can also specify if you want to edit the outline (highly recommended), FAQ section, real-time data, and takeaways. 

Koala also lets you add related keywords manually, which will be used in the content. Alternatively, you can also automatically generate and add semantically related keywords in the content. 

According to KoalaWriter, it analyses top-ranking pages and extracts up to 100 semantically related keywords that will be used in your article later. It’s a beneficial feature if you don’t use SEO tools or don’t know how to conduct niche keyword research.  This balance increases the likelihood of ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

koala writer review

There are additional optional settings. However, I recommend checking them since they could be very helpful while creating optimized content.

First, you can specify the URLs you want to link to in your content. This Koala feature is used to indicate external links. For example, you can specify several outgoing links to related resources to increase the credibility of your article. 

As to internal links, Koala offers the Automatic Internal Linking feature, where all you have to do is specify your domain name. Koala AI will link to related pages on your website automatically. Note that it’s a premium feature only available for the Professional pricing package, which is $49 per month and higher. 

Even though Koala is powered by ChatGPT, its functionality is more powerful, letting you quickly create optimized content based on your input data. 

Incorporating Koala Writer AI into your SEO strategy can significantly streamline the content creation process. It enables the creation of well-optimized, quality content that caters to both search engines and human readers.

My experience from using Koala AI writer

I’ve been actively using KoalaWriter since January 2024 to create content for my website and draft articles for my clients. 

I write SEO-related content for my clients. Whenever I ask KoalaWriter to generate an article about SEO, I get shallow answers. I can’t deliver this content to my clients. That’s why I primarily use Koala AI for ideas generation.

However, it meets my needs as a website owner. I save a lot of my time by delegating product reviews and general articles to Koala. I only need to polish the AI-generated content and add my exclusive expert insights.

So, I only write 1–3 paragraphs instead of creating an entire article alone. It takes me a few hours instead of 8–10 hours.

Take this article as an example. 

I used KoalaWriter to generate this KoalaWriter AI review. 

I know that Koala can perfectly write about features, pros and cons, and other general stuff. However, it can’t add unique insights and personal opinions. That’s why I usually add it to every article manually. After all, that’s what you, as a reader, want.

Even though I use an automatic outline generator, I usually edit the outline according to my needs.

koala ai creates outlines
Koala Writer generates outlines.

Koala generates outlines you can use as they are or customize before content generation.

Once you adjust the outline based on your needs, KoalaWriter will generate your article. It usually takes a few seconds to get the final result. 

Note that you can’t edit the article inside the app. You can either download the HTML version of the page or simply copy the content and paste it elsewhere for editing.

Koala Writer generated article
My article generated by KoalaWriter AI.

Why Koala AI creates shorter articles than requested

You might have noticed I highlighted the word count on the screenshot above. 

I did it intentionally to point out one KoalaWriter’s peculiarity I’ve noticed after generating over 10 articles with this app.

Here’s the deal.

Even if you choose to write the longest article with 10–12 paragraphs and 2,350–2,940 words, Koala AI Writer will anyway create a shorter article. 

In my experience, every generated article was 500–1,000 words shorter than requested. 

It’s annoying since you pay for words but eventually don’t get the expected results.

So, I contacted the KoalaWriter AI support team to clarify the issue. Here’s an excerpt from my email:

“Even if I request a 2,350-2,940-word article, Koala writes me 1,000-1,300-word articles. I wrote 2 articles with Koala, and that’s the case. However, the system counts as if I’ve used 5,600 words, which is not true.”

Luckily, the Koala AI team replies pretty fast. In my case, they responded to my email the following business day. Here’s what they said:

“It looks like you may have used GPT-4 Turbo to create your articles. Could you please check the article details?

Please note that GPT-4 Turbo uses 2.5x more words than GPT-3.5. So, a 1,000-word article would use up 2,500 words. We’re sorry for the confusion.

Regarding the word count, please remember that KoalaWriter limits the number of words by limiting the number of sections in the article. This is why the number of sections is listed beside the number of words under the Article Length dropdown.

If you select the Longer article length, for instance, but delete 5 sections from the outline using the Outline Editor, then the article word count will no longer be 2,350-2,940 words. It will instead only have 1,350-1,870 words. So, if you want the article to have 2,350-2,940 words, please don’t delete any sections from the outline. You can change the section name instead.”

This email clarified my confusion. I’ve realized that KoalaWriter AI can be tricky. Therefore, you should remember the following while using KoalaWriter

  1. GPT-4 Turbo uses 2.5x more words than GPT-3.5. Consider using Chat GPT-4 (Legacy) or ChatGPT-3 to save credits.
  2. Don’t delete paragraphs from the recommended outlines. Instead, rename them according to your needs.


Integration with other tools

KoalaWriter AI’s effectiveness is greatly enhanced by its ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of productivity and writing tools. 

The integration portfolio includes:

Content Management Systems (CMS): Users can directly export written content to popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Cloud Services: There’s support for cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox, offering users easy content backup and sharing options.

Social Media Platforms: The tool provides integration features that allow users to post directly to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, streamlining the content-sharing process.

In particular, KoalaWriter AI provides:

API Access: Advanced users can utilize API integration for custom workflows, often connecting Koala Writer AI with proprietary or third-party applications.

Browser Extensions: Extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers enable users to use Koala Writer AI’s features directly in their web browsing experience.

Office Suites: Integration with office suites such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs, permitting users to employ AI assistance within familiar word processing environments.

Compatibility and ease of integration are key considerations for users looking to maintain an efficient workflow while leveraging the capabilities of Koala Writer AI.

Pros and Cons of KoalaWriter

KoalaWriter AI is a software tool designed to assist users with generating written content. Its functionality and use cases span various forms of writing, from creative to technical. 

In this Koala Writer review, I shared my comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the tool.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Rapid content generation which can save time for writers who need to produce content quickly.
  • Customizable settings to tailor the output to specific writing styles or requirements.
  • A range of tones, from formal to conversational.
  • Various formats, including blog posts, articles, and social media content.
  • Streamlined efficiency for longer content, completing within a few minutes depending on length and complexity.


  • GPT-4 Turbo uses 2.5x more word credits
  • There is a risk of generating content that lacks originality or personal touch.
  • Some users may find there is a learning curve to effectively utilize all features.

KoalaWriter AI, like most technology, has its strengths and areas for improvement. Its effectiveness is contingent upon the context of use and user engagement.

Koala AI Writer pricing

Koala AI offers a tiered pricing structure designed to cater to various user needs, from individuals to large enterprises. Below is a breakdown of their pricing tiers:

Essentials Starter Professional Boost Growth Elite
$9/m $25/m $49/m $99/m $179/m $350/m
15,000 words 45,000 words 100,000 words 250,000 words 500,000 words 1,000,000 words
KoalaChat: 250 messages KoalaChat: 500 messages KoalaChat: 1,000 messages KoalaChat: 2,500 messages KoalaChat: 5,000 messages KoalaChat: 10,000 messages
Automatic internal linking
Custom AI images

All plans come with the following features:

  • GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Claude
  • AI-Powered SEO Optimization
  • AI images and YouTube video embedding
  • Live Amazon data for affiliate articles
  • Bulk writing mode
  • WordPress and webhook integrations
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • API Access

All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial to explore the full range of features without commitment. 

There’s also another type of pricing available — Credit Packs.

In short, if you primarily use Koala AI Writer for writing, you can pay for credits. This is specifically tailored for content creators since it’s cheaper.

Koala Writer AI credit packs.

Best KoalaWriter alternatives

KoalaWriter isn’t the only AI content-writing tool. 

In fact, many tools can help you generate content fast. Some are better in terms of content quality, but some are way worse. I reviewed many content writing tools for SEO. However, I want to highlight the following two. 


Bard is a powerful AI content-writing tool that you can use to generate blog posts, articles, social media captions, and even creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and letters. 

Here are a few specific examples of how Bard can be used as an AI content-writing tool.

  • You can use Bard to generate outlines for your blog posts or articles. This can help you stay organized and ensure your content is well-structured.
  • Bard can write a draft of your content.
  • You can use Bard to help you with grammar and punctuation. This can help ensure that your content is clear and easy to read.

I used Bard to write a Robinize review, which ranks in the top 10 organic search results without link building.

how bard generated article ranks
My article was entirely generated with the help of Bard. is a versatile AI content writing tool combining research and writing capabilities. It helps users create SEO-optimized content by providing comprehensive insights into top-ranked search results.

Frase’s AI writing capabilities go beyond simple content generation/ It can also craft outlines, generate specific content formats like blog intros or FAQs, and even produce high-converting marketing copy tailored to the target audience.

I’ve used in the past to create content for my website. You can learn more in my review.

Here are some key aspects of that make it a valuable AI writing tool:

    • SERP research and analysis
    • Outline builder and content generation
    • Content optimization and [lagiarism checking 
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Customization and personalization

KoalaWriter affiliate program

You can also profit from Koala AI Writer by recommending the tool to fellow SEOs and content writers. 

KoalaWriter offers its affiliate program that pays a 30% commission for every sale that comes from your affiliate link.

My KoalaWriter AI affiliate dashboard.


If you wonder whether KoalaWriter AI suits your particular needs, check the following frequently asked questions. I collected them while researching what people ask the most about the tool on the web.

Koala AI Writer is an AI-powered writing platform that offers tools for generating content, enhancing writing, and automating tasks. It is designed to help businesses, writers, and individuals create high-quality content more efficiently.

Yes, you can use KoalaWriter for SEO purposes.

KoalaWriter can help you identify the right keywords to target in your content. It can also suggest related keywords and help you create a content outline incorporating them. It can also help you optimize your content for search engines by suggesting improvements to your title tags, meta descriptions, and internal links.

Yes, you can rank Koala-generated content if it’s well-written, contains value for users, and aligns with Google’s E-E-A-T requirements.

You can use KoalaWriter for free. However, the free version has some limitations. For example, GPT-4 is only available to paid users. It can result in much higher quality and unique articles.

The Automatic Internal Linking is only available for users with a Professional subscription.

The word count is also limited to 5,000 words, which means you can generate up to 2 articles using ChatGPT-3 for free.

Yes, I highly recommend fact-checking the generated content and adding your opinion and experience to the article. This way, you’ll make the content unique and increase your chances of ranking on Google.

KoalaChat is an AI-powered chatbot that is designed to help businesses and individuals create high-quality content, automate tasks, and improve their SEO. It is a part of the Koala AI platform, which also includes KoalaWriter, an AI writing tool.

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