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July 10, 2023

As an SEO expert and content writer, I’ve compiled this curated list of the best creator tools to try in 2024. 

If you want to launch an online business, you’ll find plenty of audience monetization tools for your business. For site owners, I’ll show which website creator tools and SEO tools I use to grow my website.

If you are a blogger or a content writer, I’ll show you platforms to hone and monetize your writing skills. 

And much more!

I’ve written in-depth reviews about most of these creator tools to share my honest feedback and help you make the right choice.


If you’ve been wondering what newsletter platforms are suitable to grow and monetize your email list, look no further. 

The most powerful creator tools to grow a newsletter business are Beehiiv and Convertkit. 

Both platforms have features to create landing pages, promote and sell a product, monetize your newsletter via the creator network, quickly grow your email list through a referral program, affiliate programs, and more!

Beehiiv is one of the newest newsletter platforms launched in 2021, but it’s become one of the most popular platforms by now.

Audience monetization

If you wonder what creator tools can help you monetize your audience, I get you covered. 

I am a content creator like you. I sell my ebooks through the Gumroad marketplace, accept tips via Ko-fi, and bill clients via PayPal. 

Gumroad sends all accumulated funds every Friday, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month. It’s very convenient. I don’t have to wait for the payment transfer. Funds land instantly in my account every Friday.

PayPal has relatively lower fees than Gumroad but covers more countries and allows the creation and tracking of invoices.

Writing for money

As a content writer, I’ve published over 300 blog posts on Medium and Both platforms let you build a personal brand, reach your target audience and make money from your stories. 

Medium is one of the best content creator tools that pays when users read your content. The more people read your stories – the more you earn. Medium earnings can fluctuate, but you can earn $1,000+ writing on Medium. 

Here is an example of how much I made on Medium in June 2023 while having a 1-week vacation.

Medium Partner Program earnings
Medium partner program earnings.

If you are a fiction writer, I’d recommend exploring This platform has themed publications for poetry and fiction stories. 

Besides, it regularly organizes writing challenges for content creators.

Course creation

Course creation tools provide a range of features and functionalities to help you create and deliver engaging online courses. 

Teachable offers an intuitive platform with customizable course design options, marketing tools, and integrated payment gateways. 

Mighty Networks focuses on creating a community-centered learning experience, allowing course creators to build online communities around their courses. 

Learn Worlds offers a comprehensive course creation suite with advanced interactive features such as assessments, quizzes, and certificates. 

Xperiencify stands out with its gamification elements and interactive storytelling approach, making the course creation process engaging and enjoyable for both creators and learners.

SEO tools

As an SEO expert, I’ve tried various content creator tools for SEO writing, keyword research, and optimization. The recommended tools above help me attract the target audience from organic search results and grow my website day by day.

If you are new to SEO, I’d recommend checking content writing tools for SEO, Robinize, and SurferSEO. These tools analyze competitors, suggest keywords, and help you optimize your content even if you don’t know on-page SEO.

For more advanced users, I’d recommend Semrush and Ahrefs.

Website creation

Bluehost shared hosting was one of the issues why my website pages were loading very slowly, so I started searching for alternative solutions.

Most online hosting reviews did not seem honest. Therefore, I had to make a decision myself. I tried Cloudways because the platform offered a 3-day free trial without a credit card. 

Currently, I pay $16.50 every month for website hosting. You can learn more about WordPress hosting rates here.

Cloudways website hosting
Cloudways website hosting.


From creating appealing visuals for your social media to scheduling, sharing, and promoting your content all over the Internet, you need particular creator tools to make it happen.

The main goal of creator tools is to make your life easier and more efficient. By choosing the right tools, you’ll be able to write content faster, craft relatable emails, reach a wider audience online, and even monetize it.

As an SEO expert and top writer on Medium, I used various tools to speed up my work and improve the quality of my content.

In the past years, I realized that I could not review all existing solutions on the market to find the most suitable tool for my needs.

New solutions drive progress and tighten the competition but don’t make content creators’ lives easier.

Regardless of what I was looking for, there were too many options on the market. Conventional content creator tools might already be outdated, but the new ones are not famous enough to be discovered. I’ll simply waste my time reviewing them and seeing what works.

Therefore, I created a curated list of the best content creator tools. It includes famous software products like Grammarly, Canva, and alike that I’ve used and can share my honest feedback. Besides, I also review new solutions that are little-known yet but are worth trying.

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