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21 SEO Content Writing Services For 2024

Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

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February 1, 2023

As a marketer and SEO expert, I often rely on various SEO content writing services when I work on my own and clients’ projects. 

In particular, professional SEO content writing services help with niche keyword research, define keywords with search traffic potential, analyze their competition and business potential, and optimize the content for better rankings.

SEO website writing services and content creation helped me grow my website from 0 to 4,000+ visitors per month in one year.

my 2022 website traffic growth
My website traffic growth August 2021–December 2022.

When I show this screenshot, I often hear this is not an extraordinary outcome. Some say I could and should have done more. 

However, those people don’t know I’ve worked on my website next to my full-time job. I grew my site to 4,000+ visitors per month, publishing a few posts a month and doing zero link building. 


I used proven-to-work optimization strategies and content writing services for SEO

The same strategies and SEO article writing services work for my clients, B2B and SaaS companies. 

In this article, I want to show you SEO and content writing services I use at work. If you want to do SEO on your own, these tools will help you research keywords, write and optimize your content. 

If you are looking for an SEO content writing services company, I’ll share several companies you can trust based on their quality of work and client rating. 

I also offer SEO blog post writing services. Should you need help with SEO content strategy for your site, keyword research, writing, and optimization, contact me. Share your current challenges and goals through the contact form. I’ll check if I can help you.

21 SEO content writing services (companies and tools)


Services: Content brief creation, AI content writing, content optimization, content analytics 

Pricing: From $14.99/m 

Free trial: Not available 

Foundation year: 2017

Country: USA is an AI-powered SEO blog writing service

As a website owner, I once purchased a subscription for a month to test the features. In particular, I was interested in its content optimization features and whether it could help me create better content faster. 

I tried the tool in August 2022, when no one shared anything about the impact of AI-generated content yet and whether tools like could really produce content worth reading and ranking. 

So, I used the tool to create an optimized article, posted it on my site, and wrote an in-depth review, sharing the stats, rankings, and performance of an AI-generated article. In a nutshell, AI article writing services, like can speed up your work, but you will need to manually check, edit and write some parts of the content.



Services: It is an ML-powered chatbot that can answer any of your questions, write an article, a piece of code, and even a poem

Pricing: $42/m for premium services

Free trial: Free version is available

Foundation year: 2022

Country: USA

ChatGPT is an innovative solution developed by OpenAI research and development company in the USA. 

It was publicly released on November 30th, 2022, and has since generated an endless buzz on the Internet. No matter which site I opened, I saw articles featuring ChatGPT. Like many others, I was impressed by ChatGPT’s capabilities. Therefore, I started thinking about its application for SEO and content writing services.

ChatGPT helps with data research, analysis, and writing. I even used it while writing some tool reviews for this article. It does its job pretty well!

I do not recommend using it to replace human writing. Instead, use it to gain content writing ideas and inspiration if you are stuck with writer’s block. Keep in mind that ChatGPT has limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021. 

As a marketing expert, I do not believe this tool will replace SEO experts in the nearest future. However, it will definitely impact the way people look for information online. Is it a threat to Google? No one knows it just yet.

Semrush SEO assistant

Semrush writing assistant

Services:  Content optimization, provides keyword ideas, improves readability, helps maintain a consistent tone of voice, checks plagiarism 

Pricing: You have to be subscribed to the Semrush Guru plan, which is $229.95/m

Free trial: 7-day free Semrush trial

Foundation year: 2008

Country: USA

Semrush writing assistant is a powerful content marketing tool developed by Semrush for content creators. 

It is an AI-powered tool that understands your content, gives you keyword ideas, and shows where to insert keywords to optimize your content for rankings in your target location. 

Semrush writing assistant is an expensive solution for those who do not know SEO but wants to create optimized content to rank high on Google. This SEO content writing service can do the optimization job instead of you, letting you focus on writing.

SEO article writing service

Services:  Content creation for social media, long-form content generation, email generation, website copywriting, custom images generation

Pricing: From $49/m for 50,000 words

Free trial: 5-day free trial 

Foundation year: 2008

Country: USA is a well-known AI-powered content creation tool with many different application options. You can use to create Facebook ads, Instagram captions, long-form blog posts, AI-generated images, sales emails to pitch your services, and more. reminds me of ChatGPT to some extent, but it is a paid tool. team has even created an SEO course to teach users how to create optimized content with Jasper and its partner tool SurferSEO (keep reading to learn more about it). Even though the tool is intuitive, the course might be helpful for beginners. 

As an SEO expert, I must remind you to use AI content generation tools carefully.

Google explicitly said that its algorithm is trained to detect AI content and downgrade it in search. Therefore, use such SEO-friendly content writing services to complement, not replace, your writing. 


SEO content writing service

Services: Keyword research, content editing, content audit

Pricing: From $59/m if you pay monthly 

Free trial: not available, but they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee

Foundation year: 2017

Country: Poland

SurferSEO is another alternative to and SEO content writing service. As a writer, I aim to inform you about existing solutions, but it’s up to you which tool to use. 

Unlike and ChatGPT, you can use SurferSEO to assist you in writing and optimization in any language. SurferSEO covers the entire content creation process, from keyword ideation and research to content writing, optimization, and post-publication analysis.


seo niche content writing services

Services: Keyword rank tracking, keyword research, website audit, backlink monitoring, SEO reporting tools 

Pricing: The cheapest plan is $18.72/m

Free trial: 14-day free trial 

Foundation year: 2012

Country: USA

SE ranking is a marketing platform for businesses and individual content creators who want to improve their websites’ performance in organic search results. 

SE ranking won’t write an article for you. It’s not designed for it. Instead, it can help you conduct keyword research, optimize your content, track its performance, and recommend improvements. It is a great SEO content writing service for SaaS and B2B companies.


Services: Content audit, content planning, keyword research, and content optimization 

Pricing: $600/m

Free trial: There is a free version with limited functionality 

Foundation year: 2013

Country: USA

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content strategy and planning platform. 

It’s one of the most expensive SEO content writing services to my knowledge. Even though it has powerful functionality, investing at least $600 per month into this tool is a lot of money.

If you want to try MarketUse, I recommend starting with the free package. It offers limited functionality but is enough to test the tool and decide on the next steps. 

The free package is ideal for someone with a small site who publish a few articles per month. MarketMuse will help you assess your site’s content strategy and cover the right topics based on your business goals.


Content creation and seo website writing services

Services: Content quality grader, keyword research, content improvement recommendations 

Pricing: $170/m

Free trial: Not available 

Foundation year: 2016

Country: USA

Clearscope is a content optimization platform designed to help you drive organic traffic to your website. Clearscope uses AI to analyze your content, compare it to competitors in search results and offer impactful recommendations for improvements. 

The cheapest package includes performance analysis for one monitored domain for five different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.


Services: Content optimization, quick content export to WordPress, Hubspot, and Medium

Pricing: $129/year

Free trial: 5 free exports per month

Foundation year: 2016

Country: USA

Wordable is an automation tool designed to help you optimize your content in Google Docs and publish it on your blog in one click. 

If you regularly post content on your website or manage clients’ blogs, you know how time-consuming the publication process can be. For instance, I spend 12 hours on content formatting and publication. That’s a tedious task. Likely, Wordable is there to solve this challenge. 

Wordable provides five free monthly exports to help you automate your content optimization and publication processes.


Services: Keyword research, outline creation, AI-powered content brief creation

Pricing: From $49/m

Free trial: A free version is available with limited functionality

Foundation year: 2021

Country: Poland

SEOwind is an AI-powered tool for content brief creation. It works the following way, you type a keyword, and the tool automatically examines the search result page, analyses existing content on a given topic, collects keywords, and creates a content brief for SEO content writers.

SEOwind saves your time on keyword research and analyses and putting all findings together for content writing. Now, it can be done quickly and effectively with the help of AI.

SEO content writing services companies



Services: Content writing, keyword research, monthly content plan creation

Pricing: From $599/m 

Team size: 2–9

Foundation year: 2018

Location: London, UK

Scribly is an SEO service writing company helping businesses worldwide with content strategy planning and optimized content creation. They write long-form content and offer email writing, ebook creation, website copywriting services, and social media content creation. 

Despite being located in the UK, Scribly prices are affordable for what they offer. The cheapest package is $599 monthly, which covers 2,000 written words or 2–3 posts, keyword research and topics selection, search intent strategy, and a dedicated account manager for your project.

embarque io

Services: SEO content writing services, linkbuilding, SEO editing and rewriting, SEO strategy, & managed SEO

Pricing: From $570 per month

Team size: 12

Foundation year: 2020

Location: USA

Embarque is a productized SEO content agency. Unlike traditional agencies, they offer subscription-based SEO services at fixed prices that are publicly visible on their website.

Embarque mostly caters to online startups, including SaaS, marketplaces, and job boards. Their strategy is centered on revenue growth and finding ways to rank in difficult niches, including HR, marketing, and product analytics.


seo content writing services company

Services: Page speed and Core Web Vitals optimization, content creation, keyword research, help with local SEO, SEO audit

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 250–999

Foundation year: 1995

Location: Harrisburg, USA

WebFX is one of the oldest companies providing professional SEO content writing services. For over 25 years, WebFX has offered UX design, ecommerce, SEO copywriting, and other articles writing services to companies worldwide. 

What really stands out when you review the WebFX website is its focus on impact. They show the impact of their work in numbers, improved conversion rates, increased organic traffic, and other metrics depending on the project type. As an SEO expert, I have not seen many companies publicly talking about the impact of their work. It deserves respect and gives credibility to WebFX.

Despite being one of the major industry players, WebFX’s minimum project budget starts from $1,000, which is affordable for companies at various stages of their business growth.

Jives Media

seo content writing services

Services: SEO strategy, keyword research, on/off page SEO, local SEO, content creation, ecommerce SEO

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 10–49

Foundation year: 2012

Location: San Francisco, USA

Jives Media is an award-winning marketing agency that claims to have 16,000 global customers and 500+ successfully completed projects. Despite dealing with all aspects of marketing, I was particularly interested in their SEO content writing services.

Jives Media deals with all kinds of SEO jobs, from on-page and optimized content writing to off-page SEO, ecommerce, and local SEO.


Services: On-site strategy and optimization, SEO audit, link building, content plan creation, SEO copywriting

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 10–49

Foundation year: 2014

Location: Krakow, Poland

Delante is a global agency offering SEO content writing services online and more in Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates and New York, USA. 

Depending on your needs, Delante can help you with site copywriting, keyword research, long-form content writing, content plan creation, SEO strategy, and link building.


Services: Content writing, link building, industry-focused SEO, local SEO

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 2–9

Foundation year: 2015

Location: London, UK

RBSEO is a London-based agency that offers the best SEO content writing services, link building, local SEO, and industry-focused SEO for small, medium and established companies in the UK. 

RBSEO’ team approach differs from other companies because they highlight their industry expertise. As an SEO specialist, I can say the optimization strategies might vary depending on the industry and competition. Therefore, industry expertise is a significant advantage when choosing SEO niche content writing services

RBSEO focuses on doing SEO for dentists, estate agents, travel agencies, law firms, and retail businesses.



Services: Content writing, on-page SEO, technical SEO, performance PR

Pricing: From $5,000

Team size: 50–249

Foundation year: 2020

Location: Los Angeles, USA

GR0 is a fast-growing company that provides SEO content writing services for SaaS, B2B, startups and established companies worldwide.

Despite being founded three years ago, CR0 has grown to over 50 experts offering PPC help, SMM services, email marketing, and SEO.GR0 offers SEO article writing services to businesses in various niches, such as lifestyle, finance, fitness and health, real estate, crypto, and pets.


SEO London

Services: SEO consulting, SEO audit, workshops, SEO strategy

Pricing: From $5,000

Team size: Freelancer

Foundation year: 2009

Location: London, UK

SEO.London was founded by one of the UK’s top social media influencers — Lukasz Zeleny. He also happens to be a co-founder of SEOWind, an AI-powered tool for content brief creation I reviewed earlier in this article. 

Lukasz works individually, offering consulting services on any SEO-related questions in London and beyond.

Veza Digital

Services: SEO for SaaS and ecommerce, on-page SEO, SEO audit, content writing, technical SEO, 

Pricing: From $25,000

Team size: 10–49

Foundation year: 2015

Location: Toronto, Canada

Veza Digital is a web design and development agency specializing in Webflow development. This is the company’s focus. However, I was interested in their SEO content writing services, so I dug deeper to learn what Veza Digital offers.  

As an SEO content writing services company, Veza Digital helps SaaS and eCommerce companies with optimized content writing, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and SEO audit.


Services: SEO consulting, digital PR services, content writing 

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 150–199

Foundation year: 2019

Location: Anaheim, USA

Zupo is an SEO consulting agency helping startups and established companies create effective SEO strategies. 

Zupo’s focus is on SEO, offering expert help in on-page SEO, website analytics, digital PR and thought leadership, keyword research, and content creation.

Sure Oak

Services: Content writing, on-page optimization, technical SEO, link building, keyword research, SEO strategy consulting 

Pricing: From $1,000

Team size: 100–149

Foundation year: 2017

Location: New York, USA

Sure Oak is an agency based in New York that works with startups, B2B, finance and SaaS companies, offering various optimization and SEO niche content writing services

One of Sure Oak’s differentiating factors is the focus on impact. Their case studies show the actual numbers of the conversion rate increase, organic traffic boost, and rankings improvement as a result of their SEO strategy.

Advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing services

Content creation is time- and resource-consuming. 

Several team members are usually involved in content creation in established companies, such as SEO content writers, editors, and content managers, to name a few. Based on my experience, the content production process looks chaotic in big companies. They face challenges finding the right writers, while endless content revisions delay the publication. 

On the other hand, individual website owners face challenges in scaling content production. Managing too many tasks at a time makes it difficult to create and publish high-quality content for website owners.

I know all these challenges based on my experience working in B2B and SaaS companies and growing my website. 

I do not delegate content creation for my website. Therefore, I often publish one or two pieces per month. It’s not enough. 

What to do in this case? 

Many SEO content writing services in the USA and beyond can help you scale your content production process. I reviewed only some of them in this article that I find credible. However, you can find more SEO content writing companies and services on Google. 

As an SEO specialist and a website owner, I highlight the following advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing services:

  1. You can create more content and publish it more frequently on your website.
  2. It might be less time and resource-consuming to delegate the content production process to experts than trying to set it right in-house.
  3. You don’t have to manage additional team members; external SEO content writers will do it instead of you.
  4. You don’t have to spend time learning SEO; external SEO article writing services companies will conduct keyword research, analyze search intent, write content for you, and optimize it to rank on Google.
  5. You won’t be alone during the journey; external experts will track the content performance, optimize the SEO strategy, and recommend actionable next steps to achieve your business goals. 
  6. You don’t have to pay for expensive SEO tools. The costs will be covered by SEO content writers.

I highlighted these advantages since I work with startups and established companies that ask for SEO writing help. They often don’t know how to grow their online presence and gain leads from organic search results. They used to publish content on their sites which drove zero results. They worked with other content creators who wrote content for them, leaving those companies puzzled about what to do next. 

That’s the wrong approach.

Every solid SEO content writing service should work for impact, helping their clients achieve their business results. That’s how I work with my clients. I often say “no” to new prospects to not compromise the quality of my work. 

Therefore, I recommend choosing companies and services focusing on the impact that show what they achieved in the past and communicate what they can do for you. 

Should you need help with SEO content writing services, contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss your challenges and help if I am the right fit. 

FAQ about SEO content writing services online

What does an SEO writer do?

SEO content writers conduct keyword research, analyze keywords’ popularity and competition, analyze keywords’ business potential, collect the most suitable keywords, analyze the search intent behind every keyword, and create optimized content pieces that answer users’ search intent.

The main advantage of SEO content writers is that they know how to make your content rank on Google. Therefore, they create content keeping on-page optimization strategies in mind. Regular content creators don’t do it. That’s why their content flops right after publication. 

If your task is to grow your website’s organic presence and you want to delegate content creation, consider hiring the best SEO content writing services providers.

How much does it cost to hire an SEO content writer?

Ahrefs, an all-in-one SEO tool, published a new study about SEO pricing in 2023. 

According to their study, the average hourly rate is $75–$100, whereas agencies and consultants charge significantly more than freelancers.

They’ve also discovered that experts doing local SEO charge less than the ones helping with international SEO. 

In the most popular freelancer marketplaces, like Upwork, you’ll find experts with various rates, starting from $10 per hour. It does not mean they are good or bad. It means they are much cheaper than the majority of experts. Cheap content is rarely good. Keep it in mind while hiring SEO content writers.

Where to find a reliable SEO content writer?

Finding reliable SEO content writers who care about your project is challenging. I know it from my experience of hiring and firing content creators for my personal and clients’ projects.

Content quality is subjective.

What looks like a high-quality piece for your content writer might not necessarily be the level of writing you expect. Therefore, finding content writers with the right attitude and skills takes time and effort. 

If you are looking for SEO content writing services, you can review the list of tools and companies from this article. Alternatively, you can hire experts on Upwork, Linkedin, or Fiverr.

Do you provide SEO services?

I am an SEO writing specialist, helping SaaS and B2B companies grow their organic presence. I offer the following services:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO blog post writing
  • SEO strategy creation 
  • Content writing plan creation for your website 
  • SEO consulting
  • Technical SEO

Should you need help with SEO content writing services, contact me. I’ll review your current website challenges to decide whether I am the right fit to help you achieve your business goals.

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