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3PL: The Best Practice to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

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September 20, 2022

The ecommerce industry has gained momentum these days, with growing sales each year from 5.3 trillion dollars in 2022 to 6.3 trillion dollars in 2024, projected to total $7.9 trillion by the year 2027, according to Forbes

Customers no longer prefer to visit physical outlets for shopping and rely heavily on digital platforms, with a projection that 23% of all orders will be made digitally by 2027. 

To outperform your competitors, you have to optimize your ecommerce website. 

A wise decision is to put your time, effort, and money into developing SEO strategies to broaden your customer base through an optimized ecommerce website.

Read on to learn more about strategies to upscale your ecommerce business by investing in third-party logistics and SEO strategies.

Why strive for the Google front page?

Google claims the first position with 92.06% of the total share in global search results, followed by Bing with a 3.07% share worldwide, as per StatCounter GlobalStats

So, ideally your ecommerce website should rank on Google’s first page to serve the needs of your prospective buyers.

StatCounter GlobalStats

How SEO can help you stay on top

52% of online shoppers buy goods from all over the globe, as per Statista

Around 34% of buyers tend to spend some time shopping online at least once a week. 

So, data clearly suggests that an ecommerce business must take advantage of this growing market by increasing its online presence. 

Indeed, you must play smart to stay ahead in the race! And that only happens when you make your site visible to users. 

Outpace SEO is there to mark a visible presence and make sure that you are accessible 24/7 to your online visitors. With remarkable SEO strategies and easy-to-navigate ecommerce websites, you will undoubtedly ace the competition in no time. 

Here is a walkthrough of four simple SEO strategies that you can follow that will help you stand out and bring the best from your ecommerce websites: 

Target the right keywords

Focusing on the right keywords is important to gain leads on your website. While conducting niche keyword research, look for keywords that have high search volumes and low competition.

When you consider the following factors, you will be able to rank higher in a shorter timespan: 

  • Understand your consumers and figure out what they are actually looking for.
  • Make a note of the number of people searching for your target keyword. 
  • Choose keywords that describe your products and services the best.

Optimize product pages that matter

Focusing on your core product is all you need to do to convert your leads into clients. Buyers might feel frustrated if it becomes difficult for them to navigate through the pages of your website. So, do not crowd out your website with unnecessary information that makes your consumers feel overburdened.

Instead, try this: 

  • Ensure it’s easy for customers to find the information they are searching for. 
  • Present your products, their features, and benefits clearly to give them a clear idea. 
  • Use clear call to action. 
  • Include your valuable reviews and testimonials to increase credibility. 
  • Include long-tail keywords.

Decrease page loading time

According to Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI), if your website loads within 2.5 seconds, it performs well. However, if it takes longer than 2.5 seconds you need to improve your website’s performance. 

You can make use of Google PSI to analyze how your users are experiencing while using your website on both mobile phones and laptops and integrate solutions to enhance the performance. 

The following strategies will help you decrease page loading time:

  • Resize the videos and images on your page.
  • Redesign your website to make it more responsive.
  • Minimize your codes to reduce the load on your website.
  • Use WEBP image file formatting.

Create a seamless mobile experience

To optimize your website, you must prioritize creating a mobile-optimized platform with layouts compatible with your customer’s mobile phones. 

According to mobile ecommerce statistics from Pew Research, 91% of buyers under 50 years of age use their smartphones to shop. 

Not only is it essential to create a website compatible with your desktop or laptop, but it is equally important to ensure that your pages are responsive on your potential customers’ mobile phones or tablets. 

Numbers from Statista show that around 62% of sales will be generated from mobile commerce sales in 2027, which accounted for just over 50% in 2018.

 Therefore, integrating the following recommendations into your ecommerce strategy will help:

  • Keep your website’s background color black or white. 
  • Ensure your website copy is readable on mobile devices
  • Reduce the loading time of your site by creating lightweight pages. 
  • Enhance the visibility of all the promotional offers and discounts on smartphones.

How 3PL can help your ecommerce business

An ecommerce business has a footprint on the global market. 

It might be difficult to navigate the regulatory needs of your business and the dynamic changes in your customer demands, especially in a small or mid-sized business. 

Your consumers want more from you than premium products—they want you to offer quick deliveries! This is when dependable 3PLs like Encore Fulfills become relevant to your business.

As soon as a customer clicks a “Submit Order” button on your website, your 3PL partner fulfills those orders for you. 

With an ecommerce business, you no longer have to worry about storing your products in your living room, basement, or garage. Your 3PL takes up your company’s responsibility from warehousing to transporting products and automating orders for your ecommerce business.

How 3PL Can Help Your Ecommerce Business

Here are some ways how your ecommerce can succeed when you partner with a 3PL:

1. Quick deliveries

Statista states that around 24% of customers drop the idea of shopping from your site if you offer slow shipping facilities.

To stand ahead in the ecommerce business, you can streamline your services with a trustworthy 3PL.

2. Profitable business

Research by Omnitracs shows that about 65% of shoppers in the US will pay extra for fast and reliable delivery service. 

Today’s generation values speed over cost, so your ecommerce website must be able to fulfill its urgency to stand ahead in your industry. 

In this case, utilizing the 3PL service would benefit your business in two ways. You would leverage 3PL’s fast delivery and give your business an edge in the industry with profitable returns on each order.

3. Easy to track shipments

With technology-backed services, 3PL allows you to track each order’s status from the origin to your designated location easily. This advantage allows you to convey the current status or unexpected delays to your customers, which will ultimately help you gain trust with your clients in the long run.

4. No place for a mistake

Entrusting an effective 3PL in your supply chain can make a significant difference in your ecommerce business. 3PLs make sure that your items are processed with great accuracy while packing up your orders and ensure that your company’s buyers do not have to be agitated by wrong shipments at their doorsteps. 

If a customer returns your orders, 3PLs will handle everything for you and ensure that your returned orders are repacked and delivered to the right location.

The bottom line

The perfect match of visibility with trustworthy logistic service is all that matters for the success of your ecommerce websites. Attract the traffic that you want with an effective SEO foundation and stay on top of your ecommerce industry for a long time. Expand your business with the help of an optimized supply chain from your trusted 3PL service. While your 3PL takes care of all your shipping headaches, you can focus on strategic planning for overall efficiency.

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