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Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

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September 15, 2021

Success stories

Success Stories” is a community of entrepreneurs, content creators, online business owners, and experts worldwide united under a common belief  — to build a dream life and ultimate freedom. 

These people challenged the status quo, launched side hustles next to their full-time jobs, and worked on their passion for years to become self-sustainable.

They believe that success is about mindset, discipline, self-confidence, and consistency.

They have already figured out habits and rules that help them live their dream lives. However, many young people worldwide dream big but have no clue where to start.

They don’t know what to do in life, what to learn and where. This is why I built a “Success Stories” community. 

As a self-made marketer, content writer, and solopreneur, I created a collection of handpicked personal and honest stories from self made millennials who share their exclusive insights into running their businesses with ups and downs, wins and failures, and priceless learnings. 

Learn something new with every story, get inspired, and take the first step towards making your dreams come true. 

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Victoria Kurichenko

Hello there! 

My name is Victoria.
I am an SEO expert, Medium top writer, solopreneur, and the founder of Self Made Millennials. I help companies create optimized content and attract potential customers through organic search results. In addition, I share how content creators can monetize their writing skills.

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