Victoria Kurichenko: SEO expert

Helping B2B and SaaS companies with SEO strategy creation, on-page SEO and content writing

So you can consistently attract potential clients from organic search results.

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5+ years of SEO and content writing experience for UX, product design, and SaaS companies

I am a marketing specialist, SEO writing expert, top writer on Medium, solopreneur, the founder of Self Made Millennials, and a voracious reader. 

Since 2019, I’ve been helping B2B agencies and SaaS companies establish their online presence. I’ve also partnered with entrepreneurs in various niches to help them grow their niche websites from zero.

I specialize in on-page SEO, including content audit, keyword research, content plan creation, and optimized content writing. 

Besides SEO work, I grow a blog on Medium and run marketing experiments on my website. 

I published 250+ blog posts on Medium in the past three years and reached over 600,000 readers worldwide through my stories. I grew my website from 0 to 4,000+ active users per month in one year as a side hustle.

Victoria Kurichenko

I am an ebook author, SEO writing expert, and a strategy consultant

Get help with SEO

SEO strategy

Whether you manage an existing website or have recently launched a new one, I can help you develop an SEO strategy with actionable and clear steps to achieve your business goals.

12-month content writing plan

No hustle and no missed deadlines. I research keywords and prepare a content plan so you know what content to write for your website to achieve your business goals.

Keyword research

I conduct keyword research to help you discover low-competitive keywords with decent search volume and business potential for your company.

Content writing

I analyze search intent and top-ranking competitors, write and optimize content for your target keyword. I also craft compelling metadata to help your content stand out among competitors.

Content audit

If your website content yields zero results, I can help you analyze your content, define the best and worst performing web pages and give actionable tips on improving search rankings. 

SEO consulting

Should you have questions about how to grow your website, what content to create, which keywords to target, etc., I can help you define the next step during a one-on-one consultation.

SEO writing ebook. 150+ sales worldwide.

4.8 on Gumroad

“How to write blog posts that hit the Google front page” by Victoria Kurichenko

This SEO writing guide shows how I conduct keyword research, analyze and prioritize keywords step-by-step to create content that ranks high on Google. I also share my marketing experiments and show what you can achieve if you replicate proven-to-work strategies.

SEO writing ebook on ipad

Building strong work relationships that last

Vicky's SEO knowledge and skillset are really second to none.

She keeps herself up-to-date and continuously thrives to be better in her field. She's a go-getter with a proactive (entrepreneurial) mindset that will make her a great addition to any team.

I can say on the behalf of the whole Shapr3D team that we all liked working with Victoria.

Robert Valu
Robert Valu VP of Marketing at Shapr3D

I recently worked with Victoria on some blog content for my site and was incredibly impressed! The content was high quality, educational, and packed with the right keywords for ranking.

Within just two months, the blog post reached the 2nd Google search result page! I can't wait to see it continue to climb as time goes on. Outside of these great results, Victoria is also prompt and a great communicator — she is definitely someone I would work with again and look forward to collaborating with her in the future. Thanks Victoria!

Annie Maguire, Conversion Copywriter
Annie Maguire Conversion Copywriter

Honestly, Victoria is an incredible Marketing Manager — truly a professional!

Her responses are timely and appropriate in context every time. She's very easy to work with and provides details efficiently, I really couldn't be happier working with UX Studio through her management.

Very respectable. Strong recommendation for future employees!

Aaron Hynningen, Marketing Specialist
Aaron Hynningen Marketing Specialist

I’m the owner of a tiny digital agency, and Victoria’s SEO writing ebook is already helping us to scale up with more people in a team.

The guide filled up the last 20% of missed practical knowledge, which, let’s say, will do 80% of the impact. I use Victoria’s step-by-step guide for my employees.

She put the process in a simple, directive and clear form. Thanks a lot. Victoria’s ebook is really helpful!

Vladislav Ivanco, CEO at Blue Bee Web
Vladislav Ivanco CEO at Blue Bee Web

I joined Medium to test my niche business ideas and build an audience. Victoria has been very kind in helping me achieve my goals on Medium faster.

She understands very well what works and what doesn’t on Medium. Thanks to Victoria’s guidance, I published my stories in the top publications, such as Better Humans and Age of Awareness, in my first month on Medium. Not only is she super smart about Medium, but she is also an amazing strategic thinker. I have learned so much from her. Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with, supportive, collaborative, and knowledgeable.

Susie Arnett, Wellness Industry Leader
Susie Arnett Wellness Industry Leader

Before working with Victoria, I was a total newbie in Content Marketing and SEO.

Victoria not only helped me update my product pages but also improved my overall marketing and content strategy.

She was very committed to making me learn marketing and SEO principles so I could also apply them on my own. It was a great experience, and I look forward to working again. Thank you, Victoria!

Alex Artenie, Engineer, Investor
Alex Artenie Engineer, Investor

It was a pleasure working with Victoria. I feel I have learned and received a lot. Victoria has given me plenty to think about and work through with the content plan as well as the general website recommendations.

Victoria is efficient, clear, and responsive in written and verbal communication over video calls. Highly professional, attentive to requirements and detail, and supportive and willing to help. Expectations were set and well-managed throughout our engagement.

Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson CEO of LifeSuccessHappiness

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