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Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

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July 08, 2021

Medium Writing

In March 2020 I stumbled upon Medium, and it completely changed my life!

Medium writing opened up a whole new world of business opportunities and connections I did not have before.

I write about the things that matter to my readers and me. I share my expertise and life experience with millions of readers and get paid for it.

Two years of consistent Medium writing taught me how to make money online doing what I find comfortable and exciting. I manage my time on my own. I see the impact of my work and get rewarded for the value I share with my readers.

If you want to make a living writing, there is no better place to start than Medium.

As an established writer, I share everything I know about Medium writing, popular topics, headline writing, and how to successfully combine your side hustle with a full-time job.

This Medium writing page is a collection of my stories, how-to guides, and checklists on everything you need to know to start making money writing on Medium. Let me know in the comments if you find it useful or if I should cover particular topics more in-depth.

A Complete Guide to Medium Writing

How to Make Money Writing on Medium: My in-depth guide to Medium writing for those who want to make a living writing but don’t know what Medium is, how to make money blogging about random topics, and how much you can expect to earn in your first month.

SEO On Medium 101: In this article, I talk about what SEO on Medium is, if Medium is good for SEO, how to use Medium for SEO, and share my Medium SEO tutorial.

Medium Alternatives: There are sites like Medium, where you can also make money blogging about anything you want.

My First Year on Medium: After a year of intensive Medium writing and over 125 published stories, I share what I learned and gained. If I had to summarize my achievements from the first year on Medium, it would be this.:

Medium Publications That Will Immediately Curate Your Stories: It’s challenging to reach readers on Medium if you’ve just started and have no loyal followers. However, there is a proven way to let more readers see your work and win their love – publications. In this guide, I talk about Medium pubs that will help you grow faster.

Victoria Kurichenko

Hello there! 

My name is Victoria.
I am an SEO expert, Medium top writer, solopreneur, and the founder of Self Made Millennials. I help companies create optimized content and attract potential customers through organic search results. In addition, I share how content creators can monetize their writing skills.

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