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7 Blogging Niche Ideas That Can Make Money In 2024

Victoria Kurichenko

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Victoria Kurichenko

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May 8, 2024

Blogging is roughly 20 years old. However, it has already become a proven strategy to make money online. 

According to Seotribunal, companies with a blog get 55% more visitors to their websites who are more likely to convert (make a deal or purchase) than outbound leads.

Individual entrepreneurs, content creators, and bloggers apply various methods to monetize their blogs. As a marketer, I listed at least 5 proven ways to monetize a blog. I am sure there are many more ways to do it. However, you need to grow a blog before you can apply them.

Developing a blog is a challenging and time-consuming process. You have to know your niche and have something to share with your audience.

In this article, I discuss blogging niche ideas and reveal some profitable niche ideas that aren’t overused yet.

The article covers:

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a particular topic you want to blog about. 

It can be as broad as “online marketing” or super narrow, like “SEO writing.” 

It matters what you choose as a blogging niche because you’ll have to create new content consistently.

Keep in mind that someone will compete with you for people’s attention. Therefore, you should be confident in your knowledge to create helpful and expert content for your target audience.

As a marketer, I know that it’s trendy to run a narrow niche blog. It’s easier and faster to become an expert in one particular niche than to build authority around a general topic.

Let’s say you want to write an article to rank on Google. You would rather ask those who practice SEO writing than someone who knows general marketing.

Choosing the right blogging niche is already half-success. 

If your blog niche is not over-saturated yet, you’ll have a chance to grow a profitable blog. 

Here is how you can find a profitable blogging niche idea for your website. 

How to find a niche for your blog

1. List your personal interests and skills

I recommend you try a Quadrant of potential to find blogging niche ideas. 

The goal is to list your passion and skills and exclude things that don’t kindle joy right away.

Here is how my Quadrant of potential looks:

Quadrant of Potential

Take a pen and paper and draw a quadrant with four sections. Be honest with yourself since you’ll be working on your blog a lot in the future. Nothing else will matter if you are not passionate about your blogging niche. 

Now, focus on the second and the fourth quadrant sections. These are things you are genuinely passionate about. 

If you are not an expert in a particular topic but ready to learn and experiment, keep this blogging niche idea in mind. 

Nowadays, we have too much “what you should do” but almost no “how you can do it” content. That’s where you can make a difference. 

I came up with the following blogging niche idea for my website based on my findings:

Your go-to website to develop SEO writing skills, make money writing online, and build a profitable blog.

So, I followed my passion for SEO writing and combined it with my side hustle skills. This is how Self Made Millennials was born. 

However, I’ve also done blog niche research before making a final decision to launch my website. Here is how you can do it.

2. Do blog niche research

Once you know what you want to blog about, it’s time to research the niche. 

In particular, you want to know who is already there, what they do, if they are successful, and if you have a chance to compete with them. 

Unless you plan to create a new product or service, you will always have competitors. Therefore, it’s worth knowing your chances for success. 

How to start blog niche research?

For instance, let’s imagine you want to blog about Medium writing and how to make money writing on Medium.

You can google search phrases related to your blogging niche idea or use SERP checker — a free tool by Ahrefs. I prefer using this tool because it can show exactly how the search engine result page looks for a particular country.

I plugged in “make money on Medium” and hit “check SERP.” Here is what USA residents see:

Medium blog niche research

This way, you can see who’s already blogging about Medium.

Since I am a Top Medium writer, I thoroughly examined competitors before creating Medium-related content on my website. 

I recommend using the following table to analyze your blogging niche competitors. A table view will help you see most competitors in my place and decide if it’s worth moving further with your blogging niche idea. 

Here is a summary of the first two competitors from an overview table above (The medium website itself is excluded.) Swipe left to see the rest of the table.

URL Theme Domain Rank (DR) Business or an individual blogger? Indexed pages Monthly traffic Exist since? Making money online 46/100 Individual – Tom Blake 1628 156k+ 2018 Help young women master their finances 7/100 Individual – Emily 62 133 2021 A place to discuss various niche business ideas 71/100 Individual – Spenser Haws 20884 53k 2011 Become a successful writer 56/100 Individual – Brian Collins 8242 350k 2014
Data from Semrush

This is a brief overview of websites that write about Medium. I recommend including at least ten competitors for your target blogging niche idea. 

If you look at all these websites, you’ll notice the following consistency:

  • Most websites are run by individuals, not businesses. 
  • Most websites talk about “online money-making.”
  • It takes time to grow a profitable website.
  • Even a new website with a low DR can rank on top.
  • Medium is mentioned as one of the writing side hustles.

Furthermore, some established writers run ads and sell their digital products and services. It signals that their audience is ready and willing to make a purchase. 

If you conduct blog niche research and see primary companies ranking on top:

  • Your blog niche idea has transactional potential. Therefore, companies try to do business out of it.  It might be challenging to rank on top, but it will also depend on the keyword research (see 3rd point below.)

If you conduct a blog niche analysis and observe most websites with high DR on top: 

  • It might be challenging and time-consuming to outperform established websites. Most likely, you won’t be able to achieve decent results in the first year of blogging.

If you see top-ranking websites with different DR and some of them were recently launched:

  • It signals that the niche might be less saturated, and you should conduct keyword research to explore it further.

What about your blogging niche idea? Does it look oversaturated, or is there a chance?

When I researched Medium writing, most websites were private and with low competition. Therefore, I decided to dig deeper and conduct keyword research. 

3. Keyword research for your blogging niche idea

We are still in the preparation phase to define whether your blogging niche idea is worth trying. 

In this step, I recommend conducting niche keyword research to check how competitive your target keywords are.

This beginner guide explains how to do keyword research in detail. I learned keyword research by using Ahrefs. However, there are many other content writing tools to help you with keyword research. 

In my example, the keyword research helped define phrases with search term potential that can be used for optimized content writing.

You can see the keyword research result for the Medium writing niche below.

keyword research for the Medium writing niche

I not only collected search phrases but also investigated keyword difficulty (competition) and global volumes. I also highlighted juicy content ideas in green.

It turned out that most keywords have low competition. Considering that the maximum keyword difficulty is 100 (defined by SEO tools), most of my target keywords have a difficulty below 30. At the same time, the volumes are pretty promising. 

The global volume shows how many times this keyword was searched worldwide.  

Use keyword research to collect at least 20-30 juicy content writing ideas for your blogging niche. If you can find low-competitive phrases with search traffic potential, go ahead with your blogging niche!

Following this blogging niche ideas analysis, I launched a website that attracts 1,000 visitors monthly in 6 months and growing.

self made millennials blog traffic

Are you looking for a profitable blogging niche idea? Luckily, I’ve researched the best and most relevant blogging niche ideas. 

Before learning how to create a blog, review this list of blogging ideas below.

Perhaps these profitable blogging niche ideas will catch your attention and kindle joy.

7 best blogging niche ideas to make money this year

1. Food blog niche ideas — Matcha tea 

Are there Matcha tea lovers here? I have a profitable blogging niche idea for you. 

If you like Matcha and know the peculiarities of Matcha tea selection, you can make decent money from a Matcha tea blog. 

I did quick keyword research and discovered that  “Matcha tea” and related search terms have low competition and promising traffic potential. 

If you launch a blog and create optimized helpful content, you have good chances to rank well on search.

I brainstormed blogging niche ideas and used Ahrefs and Semrush to analyze keywords.

Food blog niche ideas — Matcha tea

2. Mom blog niche ideas — Working mother

There are thousands of blogs about motherhood. 

However, this blogging niche does not seem saturated yet. With the right tactics, keyword research, and SEO writing, you have good chances to run a profitable mom blog. 

If this niche appeals to you, I have prepared some stats to get started. You can review some keyword ideas and top-performing competitors to decide whether you want to explore this niche further.

You might think that global volumes are too low to pursue this blogging niche. Please, don’t be deluded by these stats.

As a marketer, I can tell you that pages usually rank for dozens of keywords, adding to their global search volume. 

For instance, you can see that the top-performing website for the “working mom” gets over 1,088 monthly traffic. However, the keyword itself has 700 global volume. This webpage gets higher monthly traffic because it ranks for more than one keyword. In fact, Ahrefs shows that the top-ranking website ranks for 1,550 keywords, which helps increase webpage traffic.

3. Dad blog niche ideas  

When I researched this blogging niche, I discovered many individual bloggers focusing on particular areas of life, like diet or sport. 

Therefore, you can find plenty of ideas in the keyword research table below. Note, these are tiny different niches. Those looking for the keto diet might not be necessarily interested in biking or staying at home tips.  

If this topic is appealing, I recommend picking a narrow niche, examining competitors, brainstorming article ideas, and conducting keyword research before launching a dad blog.

dad blog niche ideas

4. Travel blogging niche ideas — family travel blog

Travel blogs and vlogs are prevalent nowadays. 

While some travel to shoot new episodes and write stories, others prefer watching and reading them from the couch.  And it’s normal as long as there is someone ready to work on a travel blog. 

This niche looks competitive at first sight. However, there are many narrow niches inside the “Travel” niche that anyone can pursue, like a family travel blog, blog about a particular country or city, digital nomad travel blog, solo travel, etc.

If you are a fan of traveling and have some unconventional tips and experiences to share, consider exploring this opportunity further. 

As a marker, I find the “family travel blog” niche idea interesting and potentially suitable for monetization.

travel blogging niche ideas


5. Lifestyle blog niche ideas — healthy habits

Lifestyle is a broad and popular topic nowadays. More and more people are concerned with their habits, health, productivity, and lifestyle issues. Therefore, they are eagerly searching for answers online. 

If you browse through social media, you might notice that lifestyle is the most popular niche, overperforming healthy diet, fashion, and self-development. 

If you want to run a lifestyle blog, make sure you niche down and pick a narrow, low-competition blogging niche to start with. This way, you’ll have a chance to reach your target audience.

In my example below, I analyzed the “healthy habits” topic. However, keyword research can help you discover low competition keywords with search traffic potential, like this one “healthy habits program.

Lifestyle blog niche ideas — healthy habits

6. Health blog niche ideas — kids activity tracker

Health and wellness are popular topics for blogging nowadays. You can find tons of ideas to blog about depending on your knowledge and experience. 

To define juicy ideas, I researched child care, mental health, weight loss, fitness tracker, and kombucha topics. However, they turned out to be competitive despite being relatively narrow. 

However, I stumbled upon one blogging niche that does not seem to be saturated yet — kids activity tracker. 

If you apply the right strategies, this blogging niche can make you decent money in the long term.

Health blog niche ideas — kids activity tracker

7. Blog niche for men 

The male audience is a vast and attractive market segment. Men have their needs and wants, which can be effectively addressed with the help of content. 

If you plan to start a blog for men, here are some promising blogging niche ideas:

Blog niche for men

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep adding new blogging niche ideas in the future.

How do you like these niche ideas? Was this article helpful? Do not hesitate to share in the comments.

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